Fr. Fabre's Corner

Reflection on the Season of Fall


As we watch leaves fluttering to the ground in Fall, we’re reminded that nature’s cycles are mirrored in our lives. Fall is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. It’s the right time to practice getting out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit take charge of our lives.

Fall reminds us of the impermanence of everything. We’ve experienced the budding of life in spring and the flowerings of summer. Now, the leaves fall and bare branches remind us of the fleeting nature of all things. When we contemplate Fall’s changes, we grow more appreciative of all the beauty that surrounds us. Fall also brings home to our consciousness death and the challenge to live every day to the fullest.

During  Fall, allow this season of beauty, of change, and of transition to nourish your spirit. Maybe spend some time to be out in nature. Take a walk – moving your feet through the leaves and decaying foliage while taking in all the sights and smells and sounds of Fall. Immerse yourself as fully as possible in this season – pay close attention to how you experience the Spirit moving in the Fall air. May this season grant all of us a harvest of nourishment with the Spirit.